The P.I.E. Team

So who exactly are the lucky individuals who get to spend lots of time at Port Arthur in the dark?

Cait has been a ghost tour guide at Port Arthur since 2001, and joined the day guiding team in 2007.  Cait has also long been a member of R.I.P. Australia, and has investigated some of the spookiest colonial buildings in Tasmania such as Highfield House, Willow Court, Entally House, the Copping Colonial Museum, the Campbelltown Rectory and numerous other private residences.  In 2010 Cait embarked on a round the world adventure seeking spooks in Europe and the USA.  With a background in science (She is Dr. Cait after all) Cait brings a strong dose of scepticism to the team.

Andrew started work at Port Arthur in 2009, and currently shares his time between the Paranormal Investigations, Day Guiding and Ghost Tour Guiding. He’s had a bit of a break over the winter to get out and help build the new Three Capes walking track, but has rejoined us now and is keen to investigate again.  Andrew approaches the investigations from quite the sceptical viewpoint and is one of our lead investigators.

Shelly has long been a Port Arthur local, and spent her childhood amongst the ruins of the prison.  She began guiding at Port Arthur in 1996 and has been scaring visitors ever since. Shelly has lived through her fair share of strange encounters on site over the many years she’s spent here.  Shelly joined the PIE team in its earliest days before taking an unexpected break for a while.  We’re so glad to have Shelly back in 2014 ready to investigate again.

Jenni has been at Port Arthur for longer than any of us.  She started in 1997 and is much-loved by the thousands of visitors she has entertained and chatted to over the years.  She became a ghostie supervisor in 2011.  Jenni is a strong believer in the Paranormal, and she’s had plenty of bizarre experiences on site, has met the Reverend Eastman (died 1870) at least twice and had an unpleasant experience with a convict by the name of John Gould.  Jenni joined the paranormal team because she loved the ghost tours so much she was keen to take it to the next level and find evidence of the spooks she’s been dealing with for a long time.

John came to Port Arthur in 2010 from a sales and marketing background.  He had previously retired, but had made a connection with the Site from the very first time he visited several years ago and jumped at the chance to come and work as a guide here. He has quickly become a recognisable character at Port Arthur with his trademark peacock feather and friendly humour.  John joined the Paranormal team as an extension to ghost tours, and wants to explore the possibilities of contact with ghosts.  John believes in the paranormal, and has a new healthy respect for the Parsonage after an encounter with an emotional style haunting there a while ago.

James has been guiding at Port Arthur since 2008, and joined the PIE team in 2013.  James says he is a sceptic but would love to see something happen on site.  James has recently returned from extended leave and is back on the team for 2015.

Meahd has been Ghost tour guiding at Port Arthur for several seasons now, and joined the PIE team in 2013.  She has had a few bizarre experiences on site in the past.  Meahd has returned from extended leave and is back on the team for 2015.




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