Finally, a creepy noise to report from a building other than the Separate Prison!

This was heard in the Commandant’s House (horrible building that it is!) by the people present at the time, and when we went back in to investigate was heard again.  It sounded a little like a small child giggling, or as our boss reckons – an infant gurgling.

See what you think, the noise is at the 3 second mark:

The Separate Prison is our EVP hot spot!

This EVP was caught on the June 2013 Investigation by some of our visitors.  Have a listen, and see what you think:

This next EVP is from the Separate Prison during the daytime.  This EVP was captured by the Amazing Paranormal group from Deloraine, Tasmania, who’ve come along with us 4 times now.  Thanks for letting us share it!

In this sound clip, you will hear a female voice say “Kids are gone”.  Directly after that a voice seems to whisper the same thing.  (Oh and the singing is the standard audio playing in the building during the day).

And here’s our EVP from April 2012, also in the Separate Prison:

10 seconds into the sound clip you will hear a strange voice.  This was caught in the B Wing Exercise yard of the Separate Prison in 2012.  At the time there were two people walking around with the voice recorder, both female.  This was found after hours of analysing audio files, and sounds very different to anything else in the files.

Here is a visual of what you’re listening to:

EVP picture


6 thoughts on “EVP

  1. Yeah he sounded like he was saying “come to me” at the 10 sec mark but i think the same voice is saying something around the 6 sec mark also… just my thoughts

  2. Omg!!! That was me asking the question! And I can verify my husband did not whisper hello ir I would have definitely laughed! I did not hear anything at the time so super excited to have caught that!

  3. I think the first one is someone crying. On our tour last night we had an unexplained experience when the lid of the piano seemingly was lifted and slammed shut whilst Jen was telling us a story. Firmly a believer now.

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